Moogfest 2017


Workshop leader


Moog people

Class #1

Class is not about Moogfest, but about short subjects.

Good idea - first assignment - do a bit of research on Moogfest.

Make tentative schedule to give to Bryce.


Born in Romania. Photography since 12 years old. Led to music. Difficult to photograph: night, motion, etc. How to visualize and capture what artist wants to convey.

Moved to Durham in 2015 from Asheville from New York. Took off in 2016.

Bob Moog born and raised in Asheville. Still has factory in Asheville; they have tours. Emmy is the creative directory.

Bunch of people bought Moogfest from corporation that had owned it. They brought it to Durham.

No such thing as a bad photo. Explore. Experiment.

DIT (location system) in basement of American Tobacco Campus, HQ of Moogfest.

We can leave our stuff there safely.

Wang is DIT manager, who makes sure that photos are properly archived. Need our Instagram handle. No need to put copywrite on our photos.

Have naming conventions - for photos, I assume.

Three tiers of photographers

Tier 1 - know how to upload photos in 15 minutes.
Tier 2 - one good picture per show
Tier 3 -

Walk in
Show ID
Billy or someone else will find our names
Get RFID bracelet
Wang will give us a folder
Then we submit our photos
Probably better to bring my Macbook Air.

Photo assignments

We work at our own pace.

Be sure to go to Moog popup market, where all the creatives go. “Modular Market” in Full Frame theater.


Bracelets available Thursday morning.

Will get pink passes that get us into most places with ICL cameras without flash. It might be okay to use flashes outside of performances.

Tripod? Maybe my toy one.

Meetings every day at 10am at DIT


Anything we want.

24-70 is most popular size.

Lots of SD cards.

SD Card reader

Number my SD cards

Battery Charger

Uploding to DIT

We’ll have our own drive folder.

Okay to upload jpegs, 2400 x ?

(year)(month)(date)(venue)(session/artist name)(3 digit number)(photo name)(ig-handle)

170518_Cat’s Cradle_Liquid Asset_216_brian_livingstone_IG blivingst.jpg

Bryce: good idea to have separate card per venue

Brian: Drag SD Card onto hard drive, sort, then import them in small groups.


Bryce is not happy that we can’t make money off our images, but there’s nothing we can’t do about it.

We will self-assign ourselves, but have to deliver the goods each night.

Don’t be shy: make people stop us from going to places.

Every day

Party Thursday at the Armory at 5.


Page 8 of the Welcome Packet says:

All cards, hard drives, and flash drives will be
labelled on Wednesday, May 18th.

When is this supposed to occur? I assume it will be done at DIT.

All cameras settings (including the time and date)
will be will be sync Thursday, May 19th during our
morning meeting prior to the first event.

What does this mean?

16-35mm f/2.8L II Lens
24-105mm f/4 – IS Lens
24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
24mm f/1.4 – Series II Lens
50mm f/1.2 Lens
70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
100mm f/2.8 – Macro Lens

My equipment

Sony A6500, crop sensor mirrorless camera

Sony 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 (82.5-315mm FF equivalent)
Sony 55mm f/1.8 (82.5mm FF equivalent)
Sony 20mm f/2.8 (30mm FF equivalent)

Class 2

Class 3 - Tuesday

Do our own critiques.

Class 4

Show our stuff to Moog people, possibly have a show

Ethos of Moog